The PCA was performed at the request of XYZ Companies, using methods and procedures consistent with good commercial and customary practice conforming to ASTM 2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process and the Fannie Mae Multifamily Property Condition Assessment guidelines.


The property consists of an approximately rectangular approximately 2.00 acres of land developed with nine single-story apartment buildings. The buildings were constructed circa 1950s and renovated in 1998. There is an additional 1.00 acres of vacant land adjacent north of the buildings. The buildings contain a total of 18 dwelling units comprised of two efficiency units, two one- bedroom/one-bathroom units, eight three-bedroom/one-bathroom units, and six three-bedroom/1.5-bathroom units. Total leasable square footage is approximate 14,383.

There are two points of access and egress north from Any Street. On the east side there is an asphalt-paved driveway which runs between buildings to a dead-end on the north end of the cul-de-sac. On the west side there is a driveway which runs between buildings to a dead end. There are 5 marked parking spaces at the office building at the entrance, 3 parking blocks at the cul-de-sac, 6 parking spaces at Building 13 and 17 parking spaces in a lot located on the north side of the property. Concrete sidewalks are provided for access to the dwelling units from the parking areas.

The property is located in a residential and commercial setting with a single- family neighborhood adjacent north, vacant land adjacent west, a television station adjacent south and a battery store adjacent east.

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LocationAtlanta,GAYear2018PropertyAble ApartmentsServiceProject Capital Needs Assessment

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